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Web3 Wednesday: Layoffs, Partnerships, and 2023

Get Ready to Hear a Lot More About SBF, FTX

Help Me Launch Web3 Social

Twitter Tuesday: Will Crypto Ever Be Banned?

SBF, Elon Musk, and Donald Trump: Was 2022 the Year of a Crypto Personality Cult?

Twitter Wars: Elon Musk Proves the Need for Web3 Decentralization

What do you think will become of SBF?

Web3 Wednesday: Ledger Adds DeFi Tracking

Twitter Tuesday: Sam Bankman-Fried Has Been Arrested in the Bahamas

Kevin O'Leary Calls Himself an Idiot for Investing in FTX

The Ultimate Fallout from the FTX Failure

What Cryptocurrency Are You Most Looking Forward to Recovering in the Next Bull Market?

Web3 Wednesday: Ledger Launches Hardware Wallet for NFTs

Twitter Tuesday: Nexo Leaves the U.S.

SBF Can't Keep His Big Mouth Shut

My Web3 Social Earnings for November 2022

What Are You Doing to Prepare for Web3

Web3 Wednesday: OpenSea to Support BNB Chain NFTs

Twitter Tuesday: BlockFi Files for Chapter 11

BTC Mining Revenue at 2-Year Low

Reminder: Only 4 Days Left

2142 AD: The Non-Fungible Comic Book

How Has the FTX Debacle Changed Your Perception of Crypto?

Web3 Wednesday: Magic Eden Kisses Polygon

Web3 Social: How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web

The Great Crypto Exchange War Has Begun

Why I Said ‘Goodbye’ to $3,000 a Month

Which Altcoin Outside of the Top 25 Has the Most Promise?

Web3 Wednesday: FTX Inspired Cryptosocial Media to New Heights

Twitter Tuesday: XRP Army Enters Formation

FTX: From Crypto Winter to Nuclear Fallout

Book Cover: I Need Your Feedback

Solve for X: What Will Twitter Become Under Elon Musk Tutelage?

LBRY Lost, Now What?

Web3 Wednesday: LBRY's LBC Ruled a Security

Twitter Tuesday: Investors Concerned FTX May Cause Another Market Crash

You Can Buy a Bitcoin Mine At a Deep Discount

Cryptosocial Earnings, October 2022

What Will Elon Musk Do With Twitter?

Web3 Wednesday: Is Twitter Becoming a Web3 Platform?

Twitter Tuesday: Is Open-Source Centralization the Answer to Hate Speech on Social Media?

What Does BTC's Lower Volatility Mean?

The Changing Face of Cryptocracy

A Week of Firsts: Crypto is Still Making Waves

When Will the Next Bitcoin Bull Run Hit?

This Week's Deepest Dive into Web3

Twitter Tuesday: 9 Hot Takes on Crypto

It's Been a Week of All-Time Highs

What is the Best Metaverse Yet?

Binance Hires Most Feared Man on Wall Street

Defluenced, Ep. 6: Web3 Social Identity Crisis, Part 2

Bitcoin Makes Guinness Book of World Records

Twitter Tuesday: Drama Leads Kanye West To Buy Parler

When Will the Next BTC Bull Run Begin?

Tether's Trying to Be More Transparent

Defluenced, Ep. 5 - Web3 Social Identity Crisis, Part 1

When Will Bitcoin Maximalism Explode?

Twitter Tuesday

Why is Bitcoin's Hashrate Climbing?

Man Claims to Have Found BTC Creator's Notes With Original Code

Web3 Social Earnings, Sept. 2022

Defluenced, Episode 4 - Hive

Kim Kardashian Gets a Kiss From the SEC

Coinbase Loses Bank Transfer Ability for 6 Hours

Amazon Trials Digital Currency in Europe

What Could Make BTC's Price Double?

Defluenced, Ep. 3: What is Decentralization and Why Do We Need It?

Bitcoin Outperforms British Pound, Japanese Yen, and Other Major Fiat Currencies

ETH Issuance 98% Down Since Merge

Large Ethereum Validator in Turmoil

What's In the U.S. Treasury CBDC Proposal?

Defluenced: Why We Need Cryptosocial

ETH Has Fallen 15% Since the Merge

Ethereum Has Too Many Flashbots

U.S. Treasury Recommends CBDC

The Merge: 28 Links That Tell the Story

Defluenced: An Interview With Us

Why All Eyes Are On Ethereum Today

Bitcoin Doesn't Need Wall Street

A CBDC Could Lead to The Biggest War in U.S. Financial History

Could the U.S. Ban Crypto Mining?

Defluenced: The Podcast Dedicated to Decentralized Social Media

Bitcoin's Cruel Summer Won't Stop the Future

Dormant Bitcoin Moves to New Wallet

Cryptosocial Earnings, August 2022 Sends $10.5M to Wrong Wallet

Crypto Falls Below $1T, BTC Under $20K

ENS DAO Could Lose Its Domain Name

Will Ethereum Fork After the Merge?

Millions of BTC Wallets Upside Down

FTX Revenue Grew 1,000% in One Year

What's Causing the Crypto Crash?

6 Days in May With Do Kwon

Earn Crypto While You Learn

BTC Miners Lose $1B in Crypto Crash

Bitcoin Tops $25,000

S&P Global Downgrades Coinbase

ETH Bounces Before the Merge

Earn Crypto While Learning About Crypto

How Bitcoin Whales Move the Markets

Will Stablecoins Hinder The Merge?

Cryptosocial Earnings, July 2022

Does KYC Undermine Bitcoin?

Buterin Says Meta Metaverse Will Fail

Does Bitcoin Care About Recessions?

Impact of Fed's Rate Hike on Crypto

Facebook Put Me in Jail

Will Ethereum Be a Security After the Merge?

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops - Again

Give Me a Damn Break!

Crypto Reclaims $1 Trillion in Market Cap

Is Coinbase Going Insolvent?

Bitcoin's Longest 'Extreme Fear' Period

Miners Could Cause BTC to Fall to $13K

Web3: An Excursion Into the Creator Economy - Web3, NFTs, DAO Tech, and More

Is Bitcoin Ready for a Black Swan Shock?

Web3, NFTs, and the Magical Metaverse

Did Bitcoin Just Give Us a Head Fake?

Will BTC or ETH Recover First?

How Are Cryptocurrencies Fungible?

June Was the Worst Month for Bitcoin in 12 Years

Cryptosocial Earnings, June 2022

Join Me at Noon CST

Bitcoin is a Commodity, Says SEC Chair

From the Crash to Lunatics: What a Wild Ride

Crypto Electric Consumption Dives

Uniswap Passes Ethereum in Fees

There Is Method to My Crypto Madness

Elon Musk sued for dumping DOGE

Bitcoin is Losing Its Ground in the Dark

The Crash Ain't Over Yet, Yo!

Invitation: Join the Masterclass

The Ballad of $20K

Bitcoin Slam Dunks Itself While Celsius Halts Transactions

Will Small Businesses Lead the Way in Making Bitcoin a Payments Choice?

Are Cryptocurrencies Securities or Commodities?

Bi-Partisan Crypto Bill Could Have Big Impact

Is Bitcoin The Ultimate Equalizer?

Crypto Exchanges Freeze Hiring, Downsize

The Market is Down, But I'm Not Worried

Bitcoin Rallies, Tether Dallies, and Terra Lays an Egg Named Tron

Women to Lead the Next Bull Market

Coinbase Execs Exit With $1.2 Billion

From FUD to Primitives

Coinbase Makes the Fortune 500

Vitalik Buterin is No Longer a Billionaire

Ethereum Merge Could Happen Sooner Than Expected

Ethereum's Dominance Slides to 55%

FREE Microclass: How to Get Started in Cryptosocial Media

Is a Long Crypto Bear Market Coming?

Madonna Spreads Her Legs for Beeple's Weird NFT Project

How I Lost Respect for LUNA/UST

Bitcoin Dips as Binance Kicks LUNA in the Shins

Bitcoin Falls to 3-Month Low

Bitcoin, NVIDIA Drop Their Pants

Cryptosocial Earnings for April 2022

Is Bitcoin In a Bull or Bear Market?

Otherside NFT Bums Go Ape As Ethereum Farts

Bitcoiners Are Seeing Red Again

What Cryptosocial Dreams Are Made Of

What Happened When Elon Bought Twitter

Bitcoin is Making Big, Bold Moves

Is Bitcoin's Popularity is Fading Away?

Inside the Gilded Cage of the Metaverse

Is Bitcoin Tribalism Destroying Crypto?

UST Has Become the Third Largest Stablecoin

Ripple and SEC Are Both Happy About Lawsuit

Which Billionaire Will Buy Twitter?

Bitcoin Fans: You Could Be Pschopaths

Can You Murder Someone In the Metaverse?

Prediction: ETH to Flip BTC in 3 Years

Review My Book, Earn Crypto Rewards

Can the Bitcoin Network Replace SWIFT?

The Negative Effects of the Metaverse

How Much Would BTC Be Worth If It Was the Global Reserve Currency?

Cryptosocial Earnings, March 2022

Wanted: Tactical Body Guards for Coinbase Execs

Will Bitcoin Be Banned in the U.S.?

Google Co-Opts 'Non-fungible'

6 Cryptosocial Platforms I'm Bullish On

Is Ethereum Winning the Blockchain Race?

Ukraine Legalizes Bitcoin

TIME's NFT, CBDCs and Freedom, and a DAO for Laughs

What If Facebook Paid Users in Crypto for Posting?

MetaMask Passes 30 Million Users

Will the EU Ban Bitcoin?

UK Outlaws Crypto ATMs

Joe Biden's Executive Order: What's It Mean for Crypto?

Cryptosocial Is One Day Away From Full Launch

CVS to Enter the Metaverse

Cryptosocial Earnings for February 2022

How Things Got Weird After Ukraine's Appeal for Crypto Donations

$34M - Ukraine's Crypto Donations to Date

Ukraine Raised $13M in Crypto for Its War With Russia

Wyoming Could Have a Stablecoin Soon

How Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Impacted Crypto Values

Tether, Ripple, and Ukraine Hit the Top of the Crypto News This Week

Hackers Steal OpenSea NFTs

The Environmental Cost of NFT Minting

Bitcoin Miners Sell Off in Big Drop

Will Ethereum Hit $1 Trillion By 2025?

Are Cryptocurrencies an Investor's Dream?

Meet the Weird Couple Arrested for the Bitfinex Money Laundering Scheme

The Biggest Crypto Scams in History

When Bitcoin Goes Up, the Whole World Changes

Coinbase: Taxes, NFTs, and Tether's Tongue

Cryptosocial Earnings Report #1

MyCrypto to Merge with MetaMask

Who's Creating the Metaverse?

From Ethereum to Enhanced Security

Picasso Art Meets NFTs

Ethereum Kills ETH 2.0

Binance Has Weak Money-Laundering Practices

Can You Bet on Tom Brady's Autograph?

A CBDC Can Maximize Freedom

Walmart Wants Into the Metaverse

Crypto Entrepreneur Hits Bloomberg's Billionaire List

Ethereum, Tether, and Data Security

Login Anywhere with Unstoppable

21st Century Problems and Their Solutions

Bitcoin Crash, #ETHGate, and CoinDesk's Punch at Tether

Practical Blockchain Applications

Cryptosocial Countdown: Aiming for 100

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